Thursday, July 14, 2005

I was a New Orleans virgin until NACUFS

The National College and University Foodservice show was held this week in New Orleans. Insights: Purdue University is sitting on 10,000 codes. The Foodservice Director didn' t know he could mail-in or get a scanner. I wonder how many other Group Feeders have the same issue? Perhaps it's time to send this segment post-paid collection envelopes. That, and create a 20 or 30 code-at-a-time entry screen.

We also have to work the Sponsors' trade show contacts harder to get signage up at shows. The new freestanding signs will be a big help. The Value Plus sponsors had excellent execution and a booth that drew traffic and were signing up operators.

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Bisek said...

Great feedback.

20+ code entry is a definate inclusion for the new FSR site design that will be implemented this winter.

Also will ask the ExtraPoints eNewsletter team to reinforce mail-in code option in house copy for these segments. Scanners too.

9:08 AM  

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