Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Best Practice: Win-Backs

With the average company losing 20-40 percent of its customers every year, it is imperative that we create hard working strategies, not only for acquisition and retention, but also for win-back.

"we sent this message to approximately 800 operators in the Foodservice Rewards program" reports Evan Carlson, eBusiness Marketing Manager at Schwan's Foodservice. " These were operators who previously purchased Minh Appetizers but had not redeemed a reward code within five months. In other words, they appeared to be lost business. Through Foodservice Rewards, we are able to identify them, offer an incentive of value, easily manage participation and directly measure results. We have plans to execute additional campaigns in the upcoming months."

Similar efforts such as this one have produced win-back rates of over 14% (33,538 cases for the campaign) for a small investment in email design, delivery and points to respondents. If you have questions about how to use your lapsed buyer reports or need help designing and executing win-back strategy, please contact John Neupauer at 952-844-4566.

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