Monday, August 13, 2007

Basic American expands participation

"BAF used to have a quarterly coupon that went out to 5,000+ operators. I have eliminated this quarterly coupon as of July 1 and replaced it with limited but more flexible target coupons that are not linked to any quarterly time period. To help offset any pushback from sales we determined that a series of 3 direct mails playing up our participation in Foodservice Rewards would maintain that link with those operators and provide them with a substitute loyalty incentive."

"Most of our direct or broker sales people understand the beauty of the foodservice rewards program. We received a lot of good feedback from our regionals at a recent Western Sales meeting. I have to admit that replacing a coupon with the official BAF merchandising program and the FSR loyalty program is not an easy proposition however as coupons were frequently used as a means to permanently reduce pricing..."

Hans Kohte, Senior Marketing Manager
Basic American Foods

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