Friday, September 08, 2006

Ever wonder if operators read email?

We have a family restaurant that features fresh fried foods such as squash and chicken tenders. We were using Sysco Fry-On and the oil was failing after 3-4 days. The distributor tried everything from giving us a filter machine (we already had our own) to stainless steel screens for catching crumbs.

I saw your offer for offer for extra bonus points and decided to give Bunge a try. It's great! It lasts longer (at least 7 days) and the end product is consistantly better. Ruth Bowers, Owner, City Café, Mount Holly, NC

N.B. How else would your brand have reached this operator? City Cafe is a typical family restaurant that no one representing the manufacturer calls on and the MA did everything in his power to keep a private label sale rather than sell a better performing product...

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