Thursday, January 04, 2007

"It gives us a way to reward our employees..."

West Virginia University, we have taken advantage of the Foodservice Rewards program for the last two years. It is a great program! We have cashed in our points and used the rewards as prizes and drawings for our food service employees at our end of the year party. It is a great incentive for our staff and really makes them feel appreciated. We have also used the rewards in an incentive program for encouraging great customer service. We gave employees a ticket when they were caught giving exceptional customer service and then the tickets were utilized in the drawings at the end of the year.

Our management staff as well as our employees are excited about the program because it gives us a way to reward our employees in a state system which does not offer bonuses or merit increases. The rewards that are offered are of good quality and the selection is large; it's easy to get a variety of prizes that everyone can get excited about!

Thanks for providing this program to food service operators,
Kathy Curtin, Assistant Director, WVU Dining Service

Perhaps that's why 57% of all U.S. Colleges and Universities, 48 in Canada & 442 in the UK now participate in Foodservice Rewards®

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