Monday, December 11, 2006

Big Mike is making a big impact

At the sponsor meeting, you asked for an update on DSR involvement. Below are big Mike's November call notes:

Enrollment Counts (USA only):
- 79 Distributorships enrolled
- 880 DSR’s participating
- 914 Operators signed up by DSR’s

- Presented to Appert’s on 11/17/06
- Presented to EG Forrest on 12/1/06
- FSA-Fargo, Merchants, Upper Lakes joined
(each are top 50 accounts)
- Bob Storbeck (Martin Brothers) has enrolled 58 customers!

- Presenting to Clark Foodservice on 12/8 and 12/15
- Enrolled DSR reminder E-mail going out next week
- Researching cooler bag premium (more to come on this topic)
- DOT Foods – entering into a marketing partnership

Clearly, big Mike is generating a lot of activity, details of which we'll publish periodically. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email him.



Paul Edmondson said...

How can we clone Bob Storbeck?

8:24 AM  

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