Thursday, April 26, 2007

"A marked improvement in attendance"

I just wanted to send a few words of encouragement with regards to the Foodservice Rewards program. I’ve been participating in the program for about a year now. There are many reasons that the program has been beneficial to me and my company. It has been a great motivating tool for the employees as far as attendance is concerned. I use the awards catalogue and let the employees pick their own gift for perfect attendance. So far, I’ve seen a marked improvement in attendance.

Additionally, I plan to give out the “Outstanding Foodservice Worker” award using the program.

I appreciate all of the assistance that I have received when presented with any issue that might come up too.

In conclusion, the Foodservice Rewards program has been a success in my operation and I believe that it would prove to be a benefit to other operators as well. The Foodservice Rewards Program continues to add quality foodservice product lines to the program making it even easier to receive points.

Phil Coffman
Foodservice Manager
American National Insurance Company
, Galveston TX



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