Sunday, August 19, 2007

Basic American Foods Broker Feedback

A quick note of thanks to Jim Hostetler and Hans Kohte of Basic American Foods for inviting me to participate in their recent division meeting and gather feedback from their brokers and salespeople.

1) Many brokers requested that we make a list of operators redeeming reward codes available to them. As I understand it, these reports can be as simple as excel spreadsheets that include the cities and states covered by that broker or as sophisticated as plotting target accounts on a Google map accessible by your brokers. Brokers are given a special login so that they don't have access to any other functionality.

2) Often, manufacturers/brokers have a "key account" or "top 100" list where they'd like brokers to focus. Why not have us design and mail Manufacturer/Broker co-branded postcards with enrollment or bonus codes to key accounts in each broker's market?

3) There was considerable interest in Scanners. Each Broker had 2-3 key accounts (usually C&U or Healthcare) for whom scanners would be a great closing tool as they attempt to sell in your product lines.

One broker told me his account had a full-time intern entering codes. Another broker had gone to OfficeMax and purchased scanners for his accounts. A third collects codes from a key account and has someone at the broker's office enter them as a "value added" service. Why not design a promotion with scanners as the reward?

4) Finally, there were multiple requests for FSR floor mats for local food shows. We'll pursue bulk pricing and create a corresponding fact sheet. Mats are popular because you can always find booth space for them and the bright yellow reward code is instantly recognizable by operators.



Chris Chanski said...

I noticed in a recent posting that one broker has reported to have hired an intern as a service to redeem codes for participating operators. While the service offered is an excellent value added tool, I would be concerned in the long run that the operators who are not redeeming their own codes will, overtime lose their own personal zeal for the FSR program. I would rather suggest that manufacturers and SMAs purchase or attain the scanners for their largest key operators as a value added service. This way you are able to provide added value and the operators can stay highly engaged in Foodservice REWARDS. Remember ongoing operator engagement in the FSR program is key to it's long term success in selling and promoting branded products.

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