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The Foodservice Rewards Newsletter
Inside this issue:
New Manufacturers Join Foodservice Rewards
Earn More Points from Unilever Foodsolutions
Dear Amy Column
Earn Big with Nestlé, Freschetta Pizza, and Proctor & Gamble
Are DSR's Becoming Obsolete?



New Manufacturers Join Foodservice Rewards

Here's Great News - This summer, your customers will start seeing yellow Reward Code labels on participating product cases from:
  • Barber Foods®
  • Basic American Foods
  • Hellmann's®
  • Knorr®
  • Wish-Bone®
Watch future editions of ExtraPoints™: the Foodservice Rewards® eNewsletter for more information about these newly participating products. Plus, as information becomes available, we'll tell you how you and your customers can earn more points by supporting these products.

Earn More from Unilever Foodsolutions

Thanks to Unilever, you'll soon earn 1,200 points every time a customer joins Foodservice Rewards using your personalized enrollment code. Plus, for the customers you've already enrolled into Foodservice Rewards, Unilever will retroactively thank you with 200 additional points.

Consider this: if you've already enrolled 10 customers, that's a 2,000 point bonus courtesy of Unilever.

With 24,000 points (that's what you get for just 20 customers enrolled) you can order:
  • Callaway® Big Bertha Ti wood
  • Sharp® Audio System
  • Leather New Zealand Lambskin Bomber Jacket
  • Dooney & Burke Bucket Bag
  • Thermos® Gas Grill2Go™
and over 1,200 other reward items.

New! Dear Amy Column

Dear Amy,
A few of my customers aren't internet savvy, but want to know if they can still participate in Foodservice Rewards offline?
John Mouse
Distributor Sales Rep - Florida

Thanks for your question, John. Yes, they can. Click here to find out how. Feel free to keep copies of this information in your briefcase and hand it out to customers for their reference.

Thank your customers for their business - let them know they can improve their profits by participating in Foodservice Rewards.

Best Regards,

Got a question for Amy?
Send it to

Got Points? You do with Procter & Gamble

Spring forward with Procter & Gamble. When your Foodservice Rewards customers enter Reward Codes from participating P&G products, you'll earn the same number of points they earn. It's a 100% override! Participating P&G brands include:
  • Folgers® (regular & decaf)
  • Folgers Signia®
  • Pringles®
  • Comet®
  • Spic and Span®
  • Clean Quick®
  • Dawn®
  • Joy®
  • Safeguard®
For a complete list of participating products, go to, click on the US flag, then the P&G logo.

They more they buy, the more you'll earn. Get all your customers to join Foodservice Rewards. Hurry, this promotion ends June 30, 2006!

Earn bonus points with FRESCHETTA® Microwave-To-Rise Pizza

FRESCHETTA® Microwave-To-Rise (MTR) Pizza is the very first oven-quality microwave pizza. It delivers the taste, texture, and aroma of true oven-baked pizza in less than three minutes. Now any operator can serve premium pizza! All that is needed is an electrical outlet, freezer, microwave and FRESCHETTA® Microwave-To-Rise Pizza.

Earn up to 250 Foodservice Rewards® bonus points for each case of FRESCHETTA® MTR pizza you sell. To learn more, download the DSR incentive rebate form now.

Introduce your customers to the convenience of FRESCHETTA® MTR pizza with two free* cases. To learn more, download the operator free* case trial rebate form now.

* Terms and conditions do apply. Please refer to rebate form for complete details.

Earn More For Yourself And Your Customers With Nestlé's® Spring Promotion

The newest promotion from Nestlé® FoodServices offers operators up to 10,000 Bonus Points when they purchase any combination of 25, 50, 75 or 100 cases of qualifying products between April 1st and June 30th, 2006.

Operators can earn bonus points on qualifying products from STOUFFER'S®, CHEF-MATE®, HOT POCKETS®, ORTEGA®, NESCAFE®, CARNATION®, MINOR'S®, and NESTLÉ® HOT COCOA. Plus, we're offering your customers even more points in our "5 for 500" offer when they try products they're not currently using in their operation.

You can earn points just as your operators do. The more they buy, the more you earn. Use this promotion to increase sales and drive first-time purchases. Click here


Are Distributor Sales Reps Becoming Obsolete?

The foodservice industry has progressed over the past decade at an unbelievable rate. We have warehouses so automated and robotic that they have virtually eliminated all mistakes. But even as the industry continues to grow the role of the DSR is becoming even more important. Read more.


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