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Operators Can Mail-in Reward Codes

In a recent survey, you told us that your operators feel it takes a lot of time to enter Reward Codes online. Did you know they have a mail-in option? They can mail us their yellow Reward Code labels and we'll do the work of entering them. They can also use their reward points to order a scanner to scan their labels, so they don't have to key them in. For more information on this, click here . If you have more questions or comments, please contact us .
We'd love to know how we can help you help your operators.

How Many Operators Have You Asked to Join?

You'll win an iPod if you enroll the most operators in Foodservice Rewards®. Currently, the sales rep in the lead is from Ginsberg's Foods, Inc. Who will come out ahead by March 31, 2006? Stay tuned to the ExtraPoints™ eNewsletter to find out. In addition to giving out an iPod, we're giving 1,000 bonus points to the first 10 sales reps that get 10 operators to join.* To qualify, your operators must join by using your personalized enrollment code found on your sales brochures and be confirmed as members before 3/31/06.
*Contest begins from the time the sales rep enrolled in Foodservice Rewards.

WIN BIG in the Nestlé® Mega Million Promotion

This is the biggest promotion in the history of Foodservice Rewards! Nestlé FoodServices is giving away a total of 2 Million Foodservice Rewards points to distributor sales people and operators in our new Mega Million Promotion.

You have automatically been entered into our sweepstakes and will also have 100 bonus points deposited into your account. Want more? Each operator you enroll in Foodservice Rewards with your personal DSR enrollment code between January 1st and March 31st, 2006 will earn you 100 bonus points and another sweepstakes entry for our Mega Million Promotion.

In addition, we'll also give you special Mega Million Game Cards to offer each of your customers 250 Bonus Points and an entry into our operator sweepstakes.

Don't miss your opportunities to earn and win big. Promotion ends March 31, 2006.

Avoiding Sales Call Accidents

Going into a sales call requires being prepared. You need to have a goal with each call you make in order to make your call successful. Read more .

Need Assistance Getting Started with Foodservice Rewards?

Foodservice Rewards is always here to answer your questions or help you get started. Need materials to show your operators? Need more personalized sales brochures? Would you like us to host a Webinar for you and your operators? Whatever it is, just ask. We're here to help you be successful. Email us today at


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