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The Foodservice Rewards Newsletter
Inside this issue:
Update Your Sales Reps Brochures
Promote Foodservice Rewards at Your Next Food Show
A Message from Nestlé, Proctor & Gamble and Schwan's
Win a Flat Screen TV
Prepare for Your Next Presentation



Your Brand Selections

With the addition of Barber Foods®, Basic American Foods, Hellmann's®, Knorr® and Wish-Bone® to Foodservice Rewards this summer, you may want to revisit the selection of brands displayed on the back of your sales reps' personalized customer brochures.

Here is a revised Brand Selection Form. Complete this and return it to Foodservice Rewards® as described on the form. Then, all future sales rep brochure orders will reflect your new brand selection.

Why Promote Foodservice Rewards at your Food Show?

  • It's a great way to thank your customers. Many customers put in substantial orders at the show. Introduce them to Foodservice Rewards and they'll quickly earn free rewards.
  • It's convenient. Your customers are busy. Enroll them at the show and it's one less "to-do" later. And, you're sure they enrolled with their sales rep's enrollment code - earning both your customer and their rep points!
  • It's a sure way to build enthusiasm. Once your reps see your customers' excitement, they'll be motivated to share Foodservice Rewards with other customers later.
  • It's easy. We've outlined a step-by-step process so that you can easily delegate what needs to be done to someone on your team.

Congratulations to Our Mega Million DSR Winner!

Congratulations to our Mega Million Grand Prize winner, Lily Barawis from VIP Foodservice in Kahului, HI. She was our grand prize winner and was awarded 250,000 bonus points! Lily was one of 41 distributor sales people from 19 different distributors that won bonus points in the Nestle Mega Million Sweepstakes. For a full list of the winners, e-mail us at

Special congratulations also go out to DiCarlo Distributors, Ginsberg's Foods, Inc., and Presto Foods. Each of these distributors had 5 sales people that earned bonus points in this exciting promotion.

Remember, your reps can earn more points when your customers purchase more cases of qualifying products from Nestlé brands this spring. Every case gives them an opportunity to earn valuable rewards when they're connected to operators enrolled in Foodservice Rewards! Click here to learn about our newest operator promotion now.

New Nestlé® FoodServices Promotion Offers 10,000 Bonus Points and More

Nestlé® FoodServices is offering operators up to 10,000 Bonus Points in a new multi-brand promotion! Your sales representatives have an opportunity to rapidly earn more rewards with this offer.

Operators can earn bonus points when they purchase qualifying products from eight leading food and beverage brands including: STOUFFERS®,HOTPOCKETS®, MINOR'S®, CARNATION®, ORTEGA®, NESCAFE®, CHEF-MATE®, and NESTLÉ® HOT COCOA. Plus, they'll earn more points with our "5 for 500" offer when they try products they're not currently using in their operation.

Encourage your team to get the word out and use this promotion to increase sales and first-time purchases from operators enrolled in Foodservice Rewards.

Learn more about this exciting offer now. Click here.

Introducing FRESCHETTA ® Microwave-To-Rise

FRESCHETTA® Microwave-To-Rise (MTR) Pizza is the very first oven-quality microwave pizza. It delivers the taste, texture, and aroma of true oven-baked pizza in less than three minutes. Now any operator can serve premium pizza! All that is needed is an electrical outlet, freezer, microwave and FRESCHETTA® Microwave-To-Rise Pizza.

DSRs can earn up to 250 Foodservice Rewards bonus points for each Freschetta® MTR pizza case they sell. To learn more, download the DSR incentive rebate form now.

Introduce your customers to the convenience of FRESCHETTA® MTR pizza with two free* cases. To learn more, download the operator free* case trial rebate form now.

* Terms and conditions do apply. Please refer to rebate form for complete details.

Got Points? Your DSRs will with Procter & Gamble

Your sales reps will spring forward with Procter & Gamble. When their Foodservice Rewards customers enter Reward Codes from participating P&G products, they'll earn the same number of points as their customers. It's a 100% override! Participating P&G brands include:

  • Folgers® (regular & decaf)
  • Folgers Signia®
  • Pringles®
  • Comet®
  • Spic and Span®
  • Clean Quick®
  • Dawn®
  • Joy®
  • Safeguard®
For a complete list of participating products, go to, click on the US flag, then the P&G logo.

The more their customers buy, the more your sales reps earn. Ensure all your reps are enrolled and that their customers participate in Foodservice Rewards. Hurry, this promotion ends June 30, 2006!


Enroll Your Customers for a Flat Screen TV

You'll win a Flat Screen TV if you are the distributorship that enrolls the most customers between May 18 and June 30, 2006.

Plus, if your distributorship enrolls just 200 customers during this promotion, it equates into over $3,000 worth of rewards for your sales reps. 400 customers equal over $6,000 in rewards. All free to you.

Here's how your customers enroll: To qualify, your customers must join Foodservice Rewards using a personalized enrollment code from one of your reps.

An Ounce of Prevention

There's an old saying that there are two types of serious cyclists: those who have crashed and those who are going to crash. The same could be said for presenters: there are those who have suffered technical glitches and those who are going to suffer them at some point in their speaking careers. Be sure you and your sales reps go through this checklist giving your next presentation. Read more.

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