Thursday, April 27, 2006

Better Hospital Food

This article tracks the trend toward better food in heathcare and quotes Foodservice Rewards member Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hospital Promotion Mailer

Shortly, we'll be mailing this invitation to 6,000 hospitals sourced from Foodservice Director and HFM mailing lists. The 11"x11" mailer will also be inserted into June and August issues of Foodservice Director being delivered to hospital buyers and will be supported by print ads, e-mails to HFM members and placement in the Foodservice Director newsletter.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Ask Amy: How are DSR enrollments doing?

63 houses have enrolled 345 385 DSRs. The number of linked customers is 245 293 (Updated: 5/18/06).

I'm often asked how we are promoting the DSR incentive program. In addition to running ads in ID Report, I am gathering rep lists from Distributor Program Managers and attending distributor sales meetings (Feeser's last week, Cash-Wa in May) and based on the success of exhibiting at Ginsberg's food show, we will now actively staff booths at other distributor food shows.

I am also building processes to improve DPM and DSR engagement. Soon distributorships will receive:

1) A post-registration How to Get Started Kit including a welcome letter, DSR enrollment fliers, How to Promote FSR at your Food Show flier (in development), and an Operator Enrollment Form.

2) Report samples that illustrate how DPMs can view real-time DSR enrollment progress online.

3) DSR enrollment notification via eMail (which cleverly acts as a reminder to follow up with the DSRs who are not yet enrolled.)

4) Monthly DPM and prospective DPM postcard mailings - this month's announces the addition of Unilever Foodsolutions, Barber Foods, Basic American Foods and Sara Lee Bakery.

Please contact me with recommendations to improve our marketing efforts so that we can continue to create raving fans like Dan Reilly (32 customers linked) who enthuses:

"As a sales rep for Ginsberg's Foodservice, our main marketing focus is to promote quality name-brand label manufacturer products at competitive prices. The big box chain foodservice distributors promote their own labels and incent their sales force on that fact. Ginsberg's and I use Foodservice Rewards to give incentives to our customers through name-brand purchases. It works!!! My customers now ask for products with the Foodservice Rewards yellow Reward Code labels attached. Any manufacturer that is not part of Foodservice Rewards is missing out on case sales and should consider signing up!"

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

425 codes in 24 hours. A new record?

The Horseshoe Casino in Bossier, LA, asks "Who holds the record? On my very first week with your program of finding these codes I put in over 425 coupons and earned 5700 points in one 24 Hour Period. Thanks for letting us have fun with this program and keep it going forever." Perhaps that's why their tagline is Where we have winners like never before.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

UK insert and banner examples

Looking for inspiration? Here's how the UK is promoting FSR sweepstakes (never mind the funny spelling, across the pond they do enrol people in the programme):

How does 50,000 free points sound?
How does 50,000 free points capture your attention?
How does 50,000 free points heighten your interest?

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sara Lee Foodservice Sweetens Rewards

Sara Lee's bakery brands join the over 65 national brands already participating in Foodservice Rewards. That's great news for operators like Karen Lancaster, Owner, Busy B's Bakery in Joshua, TX:

"I have been a member of other food service reward programs, but none of them even compare to Foodservice Rewards. It is so simple - you tear off the yellow reward code label, go online to your account and enter the codes. The points add up really quick!! I would recommend any food service operator, no matter how small, join this rewarding program. I am going to try to save all of my points and buy Christmas gifts this year. There really is something for everyone! Check it out!!"


Best Customer Marketing

BCM (Best Customer Marketing) is largely misunderstood, yet separates marketing winners from losers. Learn how to use this important principle to your advantage.


Caption Contest

As you may know, we post unusual or intriguing operator names to our annual "top 10"; this is the beginning of a similar list for distributors. Add your caption here.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

We need your help for the hospital initiative

With over 2,300 hospitals participating in Foodservice Foodservice Rewards, we're almost 40% penetrated in that segment. Please read this sponsor update on upcoming hospital initiatives as we value your input. We're also considering Sponsorship of the HFM National Training Conference and would like your opinion of that event.


Five Loyalty Mistakes to Avoid

This Harvard Business Review of loyalty programs is worth a read as it effectively illustrates how Behavioral Economics impacts program participants.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Unilever Foodsolutions Solves Saucy Problems

We're pleased to welcome Unilever Foodsolutions' many brands to the Foodservice Rewards coalition. Watch for millions of reward codes and an innovative Soup, Salad and Sandwich promotion in July.