Monday, July 31, 2006

We Love To Eat Out

Steal this idea: An "experiential" reward for both the Chef and his patrons.

Nestle UK is offering a chance to dine out at top restaurants like Rick Stein’s Seafood (I've eaten there and can attest it's a rare treat), Gordon Ramsay’s Claridges and The Ivy when you submit Foodservice Rewards codes from Maggi. Counter-intuitive? Yes, but if you're an operator, why not a rare night out + a chance to sample a competitor's fare?

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Friday, July 28, 2006

New Support Materials for Trade Shows

Thanks to all sponsors who "showed the colors" at NACUFS in Toronto. This new floor mat (modeled at left by Hans Kohte) was especially popular and will soon be available via the Materials Request Form.


Twenty Millionth Case Claimed!

Sometime today, one lucky operator is going to enter the 20,000,000th reward code and earn 20,000 bonus points.

To celebrate the milestone (20 million cases purchased in exchange for points instead of discounts, coupons, rebates or price adjustments!) we're also giving away 50 points to each and every operator who enters a code today. For perspective:

**There are 67,834 participating Foodservice Rewards members, and that number grows by 50+ new members every day
**Members now enter over 24,000+ reward codes daily - that's over 1,000 per hour!
**Over 70 independent distributors and 630 of their DSR's are actively promoting Foodservice Rewards.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Gift cards now available for your sales force

Help your brokers and salespeople get appointments by supplying gift cards to hand out after cuttings, win-back calls or visits to trade show booths.

This handy fact sheet details pricing and design options.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Value-added services help independents

Subject: - Customer Feedback
Comments: My statement to my sales people is simply that you have another opportunity to give all your customers another (CRS OneSource) value added service by informing them about Foodservice Rewards and getting them signed up for FREE gifts and prizes. All the customer does after enrolling is purchase the participating products that most are already using. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!! Just do it!!! Thanks Foodservice Rewards for making it so easy!!

Jeff Riney, Distributor Program Manager, CRS OneSource

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Bilingual Case Inserts Promoting Program

We now have 1,000 operators, 15 distributorships and 155 DSR's enrolled in Canada and the number grows every day thanks to intiatives like this creative Nestle case insert.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Use the newsletter to drive sampling

Basic American Foods recently tested a sample offer in the ExtraPoints™ newsletter.

Hans Kohte, Senior Marketing Manager, kindly agreed to share the results:

We have received about 265 emails website and 36 inbound 800 Calls from email blast sent to Foodservice Rewards operators offering 150 bonus points for requesting a sample of Golden Grill Russet Hashbrowns and/or Nature's Own Potato Pearls Mashed Potatoes.

We will be sending them full-size samples along with a special letter that gives them the bonus code they must submit to earn their 150 bonus points. Then we'll follow-up with telesales calls to get feedback AND try to gain an initial order.

Obviously we are very happy with the amount of requests generated from the newsletter. I do not recall generating as many trial leads within 48 hours ever.

If you are interested in executing a similar strategy, we're happy to help coordinate it through a business partnership with IMT's Food Sample Express.

7/18/06 updated with permission.

Lee Guss, Nestle Foodservices' Marketing Manager responds:

"I agree! Our Carnation Malt free sample offer has been fantastic. We expect over 1000 sample requests before the end of the month!"

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Make Menu Magic

See King & Prince/Mrs. Friday's cleverly designed microsite, Make Menu Magic and its summer promotion offering double foodservice rewards points for registered participants.