Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DSR Support growing, GROWING...

"Foodservice Rewards is a great tool for me to use to help my customers - plus I get something as well.

I feel it can be a competitive advantage over a major national distributor that does not push branded items. I've told most of my customers about Foodservice Rewards."

Bob Storebeck, Martin Brothers

The number of operators attached to DSR's is growing by week:

Week ending 1/5: 31
Week ending 1/12: 35
Week ending 1/19: 35
Week ending 1/26: 59
January total: 160

Similar signs of enthusiastic distributor support include this Foodservice Rewards article in Ginsberg's January customer flyer (designed & implemented on their own initiative!)

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sweeps and Contests Popular As Ever

This week's ExtraPoints newsletter features several sweepstakes and contests. Note the many clever approaches:

Gold Medal baking mix offers one entry with every case redeemed and a winner every week. Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser generates testimonials with a "Share Your Story" Contest. Basic American recognizes their 25,000 point winner publicly in the newsletter.

Winners are also great material for website banners - Ray Smith would be happy to contact them on your behalf for digital photos and a release.

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The World's Most Respected Companies

We're excited to announce that Kraft Foodservice has become the latest company to join over 75 national brands participating in the coalition.

"Foodservice Rewards is an important addition to our marketing mix," says Tom Sampson, SVP & President, Kraft Foodservice North America. "Customer intimacy is increasingly becoming a key competitive differentiator for branded manufacturers and Foodservice Rewards gives us some great tools to connect directly with operators who believe in added value."

Participating brands include much of the Nabisco crackers foodservice portfolio along with all of the Kraft, Open Pit, and Bull's-Eye barbeque sauce foodservice offerings.

Note that Kraft is ranked among the world's most respected companies, and the second with that distinction to join Foodservice Rewards.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Employee Motivation & Retention in action

Nestle's Flavor Up Rock On promotion is a super example of how to incorporate Foodservice Rewards' key themes: Employee motivation and retention.

With so many companies focused on price, price, price, isn't it time manufacturers provided genuine value-adds like this one? Only half of the expense of running a foodservice operation is food cost. Tackling labor cost and motivation is as valuable - and a blue ocean opportunity.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Food Fights

Working in restaurants has never has been for the faint of heart, the weak of stomach or the thin of skin. Long hours, demanding customers and difficult co-workers are generally accompanied by middling paychecks...

Read about the backstabbing, burnout, and perhaps even burglary that might be unfolding in the kitchen while you're nibbling seared scallops at your local high end eatery.


Friday, January 19, 2007

New: DOT Foods Partnership

Thanks to a new partnership with DOT Foods, the nation's largest redistributor, even more independent distributors will be introduced to the DSR Incentive program via this landing page.

Banners are now appearing on the DOT Expressway (the industry's most-trafficked-by-distributors website!) and we'll exhibit at their Spring food show - both a first for any non-food or non-E&S manufacturer.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tate & Lyle joins

By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen, sugar refiners Tate & Lyle, PLC have become the seventh sponsor of Foodservice Rewards in the UK - read their rationale for joining.

And a reminder: Germany is likely to be the next country into which the Foodservice Rewards program expands. Don't miss out on the many benefits of being a founding sponsor, introduce us to your EU counterparts.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Website Makeover

Meet Deb Klingberg, one of the many members of the Quality Assurance team who helped prepare the new Foodservice Rewards website for launch.

Dozens of user interviews, hundreds of hours of QA, thousands of hours of development, and hundreds of thousands of dollars were invested in this makeover. Improvements as a result of operator/user interviews and feedback include:

A dynamic "My Promotions" page showing each member promotions for which they are eligible. (My Promotions change on an operator-by-operator basis depending on date, segment, ownership type, and buyer/non-buyer criteria - see: Country Selection > My Promotions). Improved navigation, enhanced code scanning, mail-in options, and more chronicled in this "before & after" are part of the industrious enhancement effort.

We welcome your comments and will even send a $25 iTunes gift card for the best bug found or suggestion submitted.


Twenty Millionth Code Winner

"We're not willing to compromise on taste or ingredients for the sake of price" says Tracy Glen, CDM, and Nutrition Services Coordinator at the Orange Grove Center.

And a good thing, too. As a result, this non-profit for the developmentally disabled entered the 20 millionth Foodservice Reward code and earned 40,000 bonus points: Get the whole story.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can you change as fast as the market does?

There are many benefits to knowing who your customers are - including the ability to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. In just three weeks from the date Manhattan banned trans-fats, Bunge launched this conversion promotion to its customers of products containing trans-fats.

Communicated via the ExtraPoints newsletter and postcards versioned for buyers and non-buyers, this promotion allowed Bunge to offer street customers a compelling trial offer without the cost of an in-person sales call. (And it will just take a "click of a mouse" to replicate when other states follow suit.)

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"It gives us a way to reward our employees..."

West Virginia University, we have taken advantage of the Foodservice Rewards program for the last two years. It is a great program! We have cashed in our points and used the rewards as prizes and drawings for our food service employees at our end of the year party. It is a great incentive for our staff and really makes them feel appreciated. We have also used the rewards in an incentive program for encouraging great customer service. We gave employees a ticket when they were caught giving exceptional customer service and then the tickets were utilized in the drawings at the end of the year.

Our management staff as well as our employees are excited about the program because it gives us a way to reward our employees in a state system which does not offer bonuses or merit increases. The rewards that are offered are of good quality and the selection is large; it's easy to get a variety of prizes that everyone can get excited about!

Thanks for providing this program to food service operators,
Kathy Curtin, Assistant Director, WVU Dining Service

Perhaps that's why 57% of all U.S. Colleges and Universities, 48 in Canada & 442 in the UK now participate in Foodservice Rewards®

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

12% response rate to direct mail? Wow.

Ever wonder if operators read your expensive direct mail creations? Add a Foodservice Rewards code and find out.

This tri-fold P&G mailer received over 7,900 redemptions of the inserted reward code label - a stunning 12% open rate to this combo rebate/points offer.

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This New Year, resolve to...

1) Make better PowerPoint Presentations

2) Really understand your business model

3) Run a joint promotion with one (or more!) Foodservice Rewards sponsors


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New: SMA incentive

Similar to the DSR incentive, Foodservice Rewards now helps manufacturers build mindshare with internal and/or brokered sales forces.

We'll fund 250 bonus points to each salesperson for every new operator they enroll in Foodservice Rewards and you'll have a tangible rewards platform with which to motivate them for other activities.

Here's documentation showing why the opportunity to earn an iPod changes behavior more effectively than the equivalent $199 in cash.

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