Friday, August 31, 2007

The largest (and smartest) poultry company

We're excited to announce a major protein addition to the Foodservice Rewards coalition: Pilgrim's Pride.

With it's December, 2006 purchase of rival Gold Kist, the combined company became the world's leading chicken producer and the third-largest U.S. meat company by revenue.

We're thrilled to welcome their foodservice portfolio, which will appear on the website and labeled in-market by the end of this year, thanks to the hard work of Bill Stelle who worked tirelessly to forge the partnership.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

USFS' future - predictions

  1. "Putting manufacturer brands in the back of the book"
  2. "Reducing commissions on manufacturer brands to their DSR's"
  3. "Marketing their brands as the same as..."

Just three of the insights in this Strategic White Paper from The Hale Group - making it imperative that you know who your existing customers are, how much they are buying and how often, plus have the promotional levers Foodservice Rewards provides to retain them.


How many media types are you testing?

In a world of fragmented media (specialty publications, blogs, YouTube, more...) are you reaching your audience regularly? Maybe it's time to test an educational series like Nestle's podcast.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"I love giving them presents..."

Having a tough time reaching Local Leverage Operators? Here's just one example of how these highly valuable customers feel about Foodservice Rewards:

"Just want to say thanks for this program! As a small business owner I can not afford to reward my employees beyond a competitive wage rate and discounts on food. The Foodservice Rewards program allows me to gift my great staff with quality merchandise. I work with some truly great people and yes, I tell them that, but a wrapped package is much more fun - I love giving them presents for a job well done! Thank you for helping me do that, Foodservice Rewards."


Shannon Schaefer, Owner


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Basic American Foods Broker Feedback

A quick note of thanks to Jim Hostetler and Hans Kohte of Basic American Foods for inviting me to participate in their recent division meeting and gather feedback from their brokers and salespeople.

1) Many brokers requested that we make a list of operators redeeming reward codes available to them. As I understand it, these reports can be as simple as excel spreadsheets that include the cities and states covered by that broker or as sophisticated as plotting target accounts on a Google map accessible by your brokers. Brokers are given a special login so that they don't have access to any other functionality.

2) Often, manufacturers/brokers have a "key account" or "top 100" list where they'd like brokers to focus. Why not have us design and mail Manufacturer/Broker co-branded postcards with enrollment or bonus codes to key accounts in each broker's market?

3) There was considerable interest in Scanners. Each Broker had 2-3 key accounts (usually C&U or Healthcare) for whom scanners would be a great closing tool as they attempt to sell in your product lines.

One broker told me his account had a full-time intern entering codes. Another broker had gone to OfficeMax and purchased scanners for his accounts. A third collects codes from a key account and has someone at the broker's office enter them as a "value added" service. Why not design a promotion with scanners as the reward?

4) Finally, there were multiple requests for FSR floor mats for local food shows. We'll pursue bulk pricing and create a corresponding fact sheet. Mats are popular because you can always find booth space for them and the bright yellow reward code is instantly recognizable by operators.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Best New Reward Product or Solution

We're extremely proud of our UK colleagues who earned that country's highest accolade in the incentive and motivation industry, the 2007 Best New Reward Product or Solution. BI's team was recognized at a gala dinner and awards ceremony at the Royal Kensington Hotel in London.


Fear of labeling? "Move past that!"

"The process that has been set up for ordering the Reward Code Labels has made it extremely easy to do. The labels are easy to handle, store and very easy to apply to products. If the labeling process is keeping anyone from becoming a Sponsor in Foodservice Rewards, move past that! It’s easy from the get go!"

Patsy Cobb, Supply Chain Specialist 4
Schwan's Global Supply Chain, Inc.
Purchasing Department

Should your supply chain managers have questions about the labeling process, here are several helpful fact sheets: Labeling Scenarios, Label Specifications, Roll Sizes and Order Processing.

In addition, these fact sheets describe available Label Applicator Consulting and common Manual Label Applicator Models.

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Mailed-in codes: Still less than 5% of total

Did you know that fewer than five percent of all codes are mailed in? (95% are entered online.)Even that small percentage, however, keeps our Eden Valley process team busy scanning more than 50,000 codes per month.

During a visit to the BI fulfillment and telemarketing facility, we routinely saw packages containing 200 to 900 codes being submitted with the new pre-populated mailing labels operators print directly from their Foodservice Rewards accounts.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Q2 2007 Key Performance Indicators

The second quarter metrics for 2007 show positive growth in multiple-product and multi-manufacturer purchases: More than 35% of operators now buy from over five sponsors, a 10% gain from last year.


Solving the labeling puzzle

"Our Foodservice Group started this program in August of 2002.

We provided Hormel item numbers, specifications, descriptions and ship to addresses to setup online ordering. I was given an access ID, password and a brief training session with customer service at BI.

As requirements were received by the purchasing department, I entered each order online and BI then worked with their production facility to produce and ship labels.

Initially, the contract for this program was to be in place for one or two years. This program was so well accepted by our foodservice customers and the process was so easy for our plant locations to reorder and make use of the labels by applying them to the products that we are now in our fifth year and have added additional products and ship to locations to the website.

The customer service support from BI Worldwide has been fantastic. We have had very few problems, and can always depend on a quick response from BI personnel. They have also provided help in expediting shipments when necessary.

This is a very user-friendly program and we have had great success in promoting our various foodservice products since implementing this rewards program."

Kathy Hines
Corporate Purchasing Assistant, Hormel Foods, Austin


Monday, August 13, 2007

Basic American expands participation

"BAF used to have a quarterly coupon that went out to 5,000+ operators. I have eliminated this quarterly coupon as of July 1 and replaced it with limited but more flexible target coupons that are not linked to any quarterly time period. To help offset any pushback from sales we determined that a series of 3 direct mails playing up our participation in Foodservice Rewards would maintain that link with those operators and provide them with a substitute loyalty incentive."

"Most of our direct or broker sales people understand the beauty of the foodservice rewards program. We received a lot of good feedback from our regionals at a recent Western Sales meeting. I have to admit that replacing a coupon with the official BAF merchandising program and the FSR loyalty program is not an easy proposition however as coupons were frequently used as a means to permanently reduce pricing..."

Hans Kohte, Senior Marketing Manager
Basic American Foods

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Get seeded in the ExtraPoints newsletter

If you have not yet seeded yourself in the ExtraPoints newsletter this is a current issue customized for the K-12 segment. Here are instructions on how to seed yourself, or simply call your account manager and we'll gladly do it for you.


Have you had your Nooner today?

Foodservice Rewards is the something “extra” for owners, their business and employees. We currently buy crackers, gravy, cheesesteaks and cleaners. Give us more, we love it!!

The people with Foodservice Rewards are very kind and helpful and the rewards merchandise selection has a wide variety to fit every personality and need.

Judy Giordanetto, Owner
The High Nooner
Spokane, WA


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Welcome Perdue!

Perdue Foodervice is the latest sponsor to join Foodservice Rewards, launching shortly on the website and through this Planet Perdue promotion focused on the K-12 segment.

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DSR momentum builds

Wondering if DSR's are excited about earning opportunities in the Foodservice Rewards distributor incentive program? Just look at this customized signature a Cheney Brothers DSR added to her emails. She also included the gift card image above (but with her personalized enrollment code).

Here are the Distributor/DSR numbers for July:

194 Distributors (13 in July)
1,818 Distributor Sales Reps (261 in July)
2,655 Customers Attached (491 in July)
1,882 New Operators (421 in July)
773 Existing Operators (70 in July)

Recent New Members:

Performance Food Group – Carroll County
Sysco Central Florida
Pratts Foodservice

Recent Travels (Z will soon be a platinum flyer on Northwest):

Merchants Foodservice Food Show – Alabama
Holiday Wholesale Sales Meeting – Wisconsin
Sysco Dallas Sales Meeting / P&G Promo Kick Off

(P&G's Sysco Dallas Promo runs 7/30-9/23/07. Giving away an iPod or 10,000 points to the MA who signs up the most customers in each two week period. Has already resulted in 127 MAs creating accounts!)

Upcoming Travels:

ProGroup – Richmond, VA
Cheney Brothers – Riviera Beach, FL
Clark Foodservice Food Show – South Bend, IN

Kudos, to Unilever Distributor Account Managers whose leads have resulted in 16 new houses. If you'd like to copy this best practice, we'll gladly help you design an internal sales promotion using the FSR platform and co-fund points.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

"The only thing that takes time"

My staff is willing to save every one of the reward codes off of the boxes that come in on delivery days. We collect them all year long and then we select items from the shopping list for gifts for our Holiday Party.

We have fun entering the Reward Code labels to see how many points each one is worth plus looking for those big bonus points. Entering the points on line is easy and very fast - the only thing that takes time is deciding what to get with your points because there are so many choices.

Thank you for being out there!

George Sipp
Food Service Director