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Insole electric film - the latest weapon to withstand the cold

Issuing time:2018-08-11 00:00

The insole electric film, the latest weapon to withstand the cold, the sword is out! The company's newly developed insole heater, insole electric film, warm insole has been listed, praised by consumers! PET heating film, PET electric heating film, PI electric heating film, PI metal electric heating film, metal heating film, metal electric heating film, film heater, film heating sheet, PET heating pad, PI flexible heating pad, heater, heating sheet, electric heating film

As the saying goes: The cold starts from the foot, the disease is born from the foot, and the foot is the second heart of the human body. The whole body is warm and warm, and the electric heating foot can reach the effect of warming kidney and dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation and collaterals. It can prevent and treat various waist, leg pain, arthritis, rheumatism, stomach cold, kidney cold and various diseases caused by cold feet. Women's diseases have unique health benefits.

The severe cold in winter brings great inconvenience to the work and study of the family, schools, enterprises, institutions and institutions. These people have reduced the efficiency of work and study due to the cold feet, and at the same time, due to long sitting, blood circulation. Not good, it is easy to produce frostbite. Shenzhen Kexin Electric Insole has solved the distress of thousands of users and realized scientific and practical warmth.

Shenzhen Kexin outdoor electric heating warm insole, smart design, exquisite workmanship, comfortable feel, imported towel wrist material, strong elasticity, good comfort, not only the storage bag of lithium battery, but also the best choice to protect your ankle. While heating and keeping warm, pay more attention to the function of health care, pay attention to your foot care. After years of research and development, Shenzhen Kexin engineers use velvet surface, three-layer composite, intermediate heating layer, and the warming temperature reaches about 45 degrees. It has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on various foot diseases to achieve the effect of a pair of insoles.


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