Saturday, February 10, 2007

Combo Like Crazy

Banners on the new site are producing thousands of visitors to landing pages - think of them as a virtual sales call when combined with a trial or points offer.

Compare this technique to an in-person sales call (which can easily cost $300) and one begins to glimpse the power of direct marketing in Foodservice.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

New: DOT Foods Partnership

Thanks to a new partnership with DOT Foods, the nation's largest redistributor, even more independent distributors will be introduced to the DSR Incentive program via this landing page.

Banners are now appearing on the DOT Expressway (the industry's most-trafficked-by-distributors website!) and we'll exhibit at their Spring food show - both a first for any non-food or non-E&S manufacturer.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Program improvements for the New Year

This update highlights program improvements for '07:

- No cost to participate in the bimonthly eNewsletter!
- Redesigned Website!
- More banner ads!
- New promotion type!

As always, please contact John Neupauer or Sandy Younger with questions, comments & suggestions.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 Expanded Partnership

Our partnership with is growing: See the new Foodservice Rewards primary navigation button on their home page. Dave Smania, Founder, will be joining us at the November sponsor meeting to highlight other benefits of the expanded partnership including the ability to rotate your Foodservice Rewards promotion banners through their site for increased operator exposure at no additional charge.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wake Up To Rewards

Consistently successful promotions integrate multiple media channels:

1) Banners on the website. Here are all the placement options available to you, contact your Coalition Manager to reserve one (hosting is free when you are running a concurrent points promotion).

2) Links to an explanatory landing page. Landing pages are not expensive to create when you supply the graphic elements and copy. Contact your Coalition Manager for a quote so you can feature multiple products, drive website registrations, invite operators to join a panel, view and submit recipes & more.

3) Send e-mail reminders to your key audience segments. Here are excellent examples from Bunge and Schwan's.

4) Complement your efforts with print-on-demand mail. Not everyone can afford to send a 20 page magazine to their customer base, but everyone can afford to send a print-on-demand postcard, bi-fold or flyer to their best customer segments.

Remember, with Foodservice Rewards you can target by buyer/non-buyer, ownership type and sub-segment, making it worth investing, for example, $1-2 each to reach 500 non-buying self-op hospitals.

You know the drill: Contact your Coalition Manager (a.k.a. the "easy button" for a quote and turnkey promotion set up).

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