Monday, October 01, 2007

General Mills new, improved foodservice site

General Mills' new foodservice website is a beauty; we particularly like their promotions page.

Sponsors, don't miss the opportunity to update your site with a Foodservice Rewards page or promotion (remember, we'll fund a 500 point enrollment code to help your operators join the program.)


Thursday, September 20, 2007

48 appointments at the UniPro show

Our third year exhibiting at the UniPro show and 48 distributor appointments (boy, does Big Mike ever speak their language!) with multiple new houses joining online while at the show.

Reminder: You can always view the most up-to-date list of distributor houses participating in the DSR incentive by searching the Google FSR Distributor Map.

There was lots of interest from new and existing distributors in co-branded mailings to their customers. In the future, this will become a regular opportunity for sponsors and a significant value-add for DSR's as each mailing is personalized with his/her contact information.

In addition, credit has to go to all of our sponsors as each proudly displayed Foodservice Rewards floor mats at the show, making a big impact and all-important repeat impressions.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

International expansion continues

Many of you will remember Patrick Moloughney of Proctor & Gamble (center, flanked by Alan Gray and Nicole Thinnes of our UK office) from his days as our Sponsor contact.

In his new role, he's been tasked with identifying initiatives within P&G Professional producing the highest ROI and sharing them globally - and last week we presented program results to his colleagues in Geneva.

His assement: "I'm thrilled the meeting went as well as it did given some of the initial skepticism from my counterparts going into it. I could not have asked for a better presentation by your team or active engagement by my counterparts during the meeting. There was clear excitement in the room and an overall desire to move this forward ASAP!"

We also received an equally enthusiastic response from Kraft Foodservice about a program roll out in Germany. This is due in large part to support from Rolf Schmidt, CEO of International Business Development for CHD-Expert, (pictured right with Indra Bammann, Assistant European Business Development) whose firm enjoys a long-standing relationship there. In Europe, CHD-Expert is the foodservice database market leader producing insights through operator surveys, telemarketing and data cleansing.

If you have not yet discovered CHD's foodservice list sourcing and analysis services, I suggest you contact Paul Hagege, General Manager, in the USA at (312) 506-3851 to schedule a meeting.

Paul recently opened their U.S. office through a partnership with Technomic and in a matter of nine months has built an operator database from 50 public and proprietary sources that is more robust than NPD's. We'll be working with them to append their supplemental data to the FSR database and generate "most likely customer" models for sponsors and to expand FSR's membership.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

SMA Incentive program going gangbusters!

The pilot phase of the Sales and Marketing Agency Incentive has come to a close with positive results: Your brokered sales forces signed up hundreds of key account operators earning bonus Foodservice Rewards points funded by BI.

Here's a presentation for use with Sales and Marketing Agencies or internal salespeople. Program Benefits include:

1) Identifying target accounts (your brokers know who they are)
2) Tracking activities to compare agency to agency effectiveness
3) Communicating product features and benefits to salespeople
4) Rewarding specific selling behaviors effectively

A big thank you to Advance, Bunge and Splenda for testing the program. Pricing and implementation details can be found here.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Add rewards to your website

BI deliberately named the Foodservice Rewards program descriptively so that you can "make it your own" simply by preceding it with your band name.

Notice how even Colloquy, a leading loyalty publication, appears to believe the program is proprietary to Perdue? That's the right way to leverage the program with your operator audiences :-)


Thursday, September 06, 2007

The high cost of restaurant employee turnover

The constant employee churn in the food industry comes with a price: It costs $20,000 every time a restaurant loses a manager and $2,400 to replace hourly employees, according to People Report, a Dallas-based research firm that tracks restaurant employment trends.

As a Foodservice Rewards manufacturer, you help reduce employee turn over and increase employee motivation: That's more valuable to operators than another temporary discount.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Operators generating positive PR with FSR

Foodservice Rewards has been a GREAT success for us and local charities. We donate merchandise to them which they can use in fund raising auctions. It is a definite WIN-WIN situation!

Robert E. Williams Jr.
Lizard’s Thicket Restaurants
Columbia SC

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Friday, August 31, 2007

The largest (and smartest) poultry company

We're excited to announce a major protein addition to the Foodservice Rewards coalition: Pilgrim's Pride.

With it's December, 2006 purchase of rival Gold Kist, the combined company became the world's leading chicken producer and the third-largest U.S. meat company by revenue.

We're thrilled to welcome their foodservice portfolio, which will appear on the website and labeled in-market by the end of this year, thanks to the hard work of Bill Stelle who worked tirelessly to forge the partnership.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

How many media types are you testing?

In a world of fragmented media (specialty publications, blogs, YouTube, more...) are you reaching your audience regularly? Maybe it's time to test an educational series like Nestle's podcast.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Basic American Foods Broker Feedback

A quick note of thanks to Jim Hostetler and Hans Kohte of Basic American Foods for inviting me to participate in their recent division meeting and gather feedback from their brokers and salespeople.

1) Many brokers requested that we make a list of operators redeeming reward codes available to them. As I understand it, these reports can be as simple as excel spreadsheets that include the cities and states covered by that broker or as sophisticated as plotting target accounts on a Google map accessible by your brokers. Brokers are given a special login so that they don't have access to any other functionality.

2) Often, manufacturers/brokers have a "key account" or "top 100" list where they'd like brokers to focus. Why not have us design and mail Manufacturer/Broker co-branded postcards with enrollment or bonus codes to key accounts in each broker's market?

3) There was considerable interest in Scanners. Each Broker had 2-3 key accounts (usually C&U or Healthcare) for whom scanners would be a great closing tool as they attempt to sell in your product lines.

One broker told me his account had a full-time intern entering codes. Another broker had gone to OfficeMax and purchased scanners for his accounts. A third collects codes from a key account and has someone at the broker's office enter them as a "value added" service. Why not design a promotion with scanners as the reward?

4) Finally, there were multiple requests for FSR floor mats for local food shows. We'll pursue bulk pricing and create a corresponding fact sheet. Mats are popular because you can always find booth space for them and the bright yellow reward code is instantly recognizable by operators.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Best New Reward Product or Solution

We're extremely proud of our UK colleagues who earned that country's highest accolade in the incentive and motivation industry, the 2007 Best New Reward Product or Solution. BI's team was recognized at a gala dinner and awards ceremony at the Royal Kensington Hotel in London.


Fear of labeling? "Move past that!"

"The process that has been set up for ordering the Reward Code Labels has made it extremely easy to do. The labels are easy to handle, store and very easy to apply to products. If the labeling process is keeping anyone from becoming a Sponsor in Foodservice Rewards, move past that! It’s easy from the get go!"

Patsy Cobb, Supply Chain Specialist 4
Schwan's Global Supply Chain, Inc.
Purchasing Department

Should your supply chain managers have questions about the labeling process, here are several helpful fact sheets: Labeling Scenarios, Label Specifications, Roll Sizes and Order Processing.

In addition, these fact sheets describe available Label Applicator Consulting and common Manual Label Applicator Models.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Basic American expands participation

"BAF used to have a quarterly coupon that went out to 5,000+ operators. I have eliminated this quarterly coupon as of July 1 and replaced it with limited but more flexible target coupons that are not linked to any quarterly time period. To help offset any pushback from sales we determined that a series of 3 direct mails playing up our participation in Foodservice Rewards would maintain that link with those operators and provide them with a substitute loyalty incentive."

"Most of our direct or broker sales people understand the beauty of the foodservice rewards program. We received a lot of good feedback from our regionals at a recent Western Sales meeting. I have to admit that replacing a coupon with the official BAF merchandising program and the FSR loyalty program is not an easy proposition however as coupons were frequently used as a means to permanently reduce pricing..."

Hans Kohte, Senior Marketing Manager
Basic American Foods

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Get seeded in the ExtraPoints newsletter

If you have not yet seeded yourself in the ExtraPoints newsletter this is a current issue customized for the K-12 segment. Here are instructions on how to seed yourself, or simply call your account manager and we'll gladly do it for you.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Welcome Perdue!

Perdue Foodervice is the latest sponsor to join Foodservice Rewards, launching shortly on the website and through this Planet Perdue promotion focused on the K-12 segment.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Great use for the logo'd TAPE

Sponsors, I know you are wondering what happened to the logo'd tape. At BI we never let a great idea die, that's why all reward redemptions are now shipped with it.

The bright yellow logo creates excitement when it arrives at an operation and is easily distinguished from less interesting mail (as in "let's not let that sit around, let's open it!")


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In case you missed it at NRA...

Here's guerrilla marketing at its finest. This ad was placed in USA Today and delivered to all the NRA show hotels. You have to love the guts/integrity of the approach.

It's another reason we enjoy working with the fine folks at IRM Corporation. We're jointly developing a "Rewardlytics" tab for their Sales Discovery System to deliver operator purchase data gathered through Foodservice Rewards for sponsors who use IRM's reporting tools. It's all part of building the ecosystem that supports "crossing the technology adoption chasm".


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The 70% Principle

Thanks to Big Mike's ingenuity and help from the Process Team, DSR's will now receive enrollment gift cards in 10 days rather than brochures in 4-5 weeks.

It's an example of the "70% Principle: Getting projects off the ground." When we launched the DSR incentive, we believed is was essential to customize enrollment brochures by distributorship, which meant getting a logo from each House and selecting the brands they wanted to feature on their brochures - leading to inevitable delays.

Since then, the success of customer gift cards + DSR feedback has led us in a new direction: Pre-produce cards, assign the unique enrollment code to the DSR as he/she joins the program and ship materials ASAP. Watch this space for a report on the results!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Help your customers be more successful

Some foodservice marketers have abdicated their responsibility to build brands by giving funds to distributors and expecting them to market products on their behalf.

Not Nestle FoodServices - just look at the quality of this Entertain the Senses Promotion. It zeros in with helpful ways operators can enhance the patron experience and gives them the tools through Foodservice Rewards to redeem for featured items like scented oils/candles, water features/fountains, games like Sceneit®, flat screen TV's and more. That's how to add value - by helping your customers be more successful - and build brand as a result.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Volume Bonus

Copy this promotion - a stretch goal based on historical redemption trends. Note how Procter & Gamble cleverly adds value with their quarterly BizSaver newsletter.

If you're not yet thinking about developing a DTO publication like BizSaver or Nestle's Entertain the Senses Idea Booklet, you may be missing an opportunity.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Involve Your Salespeople

Here's a terrific example of an internal announcement to salespeople! It's a good idea t0 provide your salespeople information like this and bonus gift cards to involve them in the program and encourage participation by key accounts.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

SNA & NACUFS show fee options

You asked for it, you got it: Operators can now redeem their points for SNA and NACUFS show fees via the online awards album.

JFYI, the 2,000+ merchandise awards and 3,000+ auctioned items are updated by our trend buyers throughout the year to ensure that your customers have access to the "hottest" rewards in the marketplace.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We need your lists!

BI's Eden Valley call center makes hundreds of outbound operator calls every day to verify new Foodservice Rewards applicants. But there's a big difference between verification calls and sales calls. That's why we are hiring three dedicated telesales representatives who will invite high value operators to join Foodservice Rewards.

We need your help sourcing lists, particularly in non-commercial segments. Please contact me with sources, suggestions or lists you can share.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What IS Foodservice Marketing Anyway?

If you haven't discovered Franklin Foodservice Solutions, Dave DeWalt is an expert at maximizing the manufacturer/distributor value exchange and his writings are incisive.

In his January newsletter, he asks the question "What IS Foodservice Marketing, Anyway?" and prompts a debate of the two tradtional approaches:

"There are Foodservice Marketing people at large, national branded, retail-driven companies who go about their business very much like their Retail counterparts. They think big thoughts about the big picture, focusing on building their brands. They spend a lot more time with operator research and even consumer research, looking for that magic that will pull their products through distributors. They steadfastly refuse to get sucked into the day-to-day haggling and dealmaking that keeps a lot of our distributor business working at the transactional level.

And there are Foodservice Marketing people, often at smaller, foodservice focused companies, who know how the foodservice game is played. They behave as if their brand has little power, focusing on countless pricing and promotion spending schemes to seize whatever volume becomes available that day. These Foodservice Marketing people function, for better or worse, in the realm of Sales Support, which some would argue is not Marketing at all."

At Foodservice Rewards, we'd argue that both approaches miss the point. The most important function of foodservice marketing, in our view, is to help management to think of their company not as a group of products or services or functions or territories, but rather as a portfolio of customers. This requires a fresh mindset that:

1) Recognizes that customers are the only source of profits

2) Understands that each customer's profitability or unprofitability - and the reasons for it - are critically important to creating winning value propositions

3) Realizes that obtaining and analyzing this information (which used to be overwhelmingly difficult) is now practical

4) Champions a marketing and sales approach that organizes around customers and customer segments

Today powerful computing systems can track customer purchase behavior segment by segment (even operator by operator) fairly straightforwardly. E-mail and print-on-demand are bringing personalized communications to the foodservice industry. The result is tremendous pull through, especially when paired with a local distributor's brand (see Ginsberg's or E.G. Forrest examples).

We believe the coming revolution in foodservice marketing will occur as technology empowers manufacturers to transform into customer centric organizations delivering anticipated, relevant and personal benefits to their most valuable customers/customer segments.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Now: Scanners for your best customers

Thanks to the new website design and advancements in scanning hardware, we are ready to roll out plug-and-play scanners. This fact sheet details specs, logo requirements, pricing and ordering instructions.

This scanner model incorporates two key innovations:

1) A USB connection preprogrammed to work with the multi-code entry page at Previous models requiring an additional software download + installation failed user testing.

2) We are programming the website to track scanned codes vs. keyed codes, allowing us to evaluate usage patterns for future program enhancements.

N.B: While this scanner can be used back-of-house detached from its tether, we are not yet promoting that fact nor have we enabled bulk deposits beyond the 10 found on the multi-code entry page.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sweeps and Contests Popular As Ever

This week's ExtraPoints newsletter features several sweepstakes and contests. Note the many clever approaches:

Gold Medal baking mix offers one entry with every case redeemed and a winner every week. Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser generates testimonials with a "Share Your Story" Contest. Basic American recognizes their 25,000 point winner publicly in the newsletter.

Winners are also great material for website banners - Ray Smith would be happy to contact them on your behalf for digital photos and a release.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Employee Motivation & Retention in action

Nestle's Flavor Up Rock On promotion is a super example of how to incorporate Foodservice Rewards' key themes: Employee motivation and retention.

With so many companies focused on price, price, price, isn't it time manufacturers provided genuine value-adds like this one? Only half of the expense of running a foodservice operation is food cost. Tackling labor cost and motivation is as valuable - and a blue ocean opportunity.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can you change as fast as the market does?

There are many benefits to knowing who your customers are - including the ability to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. In just three weeks from the date Manhattan banned trans-fats, Bunge launched this conversion promotion to its customers of products containing trans-fats.

Communicated via the ExtraPoints newsletter and postcards versioned for buyers and non-buyers, this promotion allowed Bunge to offer street customers a compelling trial offer without the cost of an in-person sales call. (And it will just take a "click of a mouse" to replicate when other states follow suit.)

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

12% response rate to direct mail? Wow.

Ever wonder if operators read your expensive direct mail creations? Add a Foodservice Rewards code and find out.

This tri-fold P&G mailer received over 7,900 redemptions of the inserted reward code label - a stunning 12% open rate to this combo rebate/points offer.

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This New Year, resolve to...

1) Make better PowerPoint Presentations

2) Really understand your business model

3) Run a joint promotion with one (or more!) Foodservice Rewards sponsors


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New: SMA incentive

Similar to the DSR incentive, Foodservice Rewards now helps manufacturers build mindshare with internal and/or brokered sales forces.

We'll fund 250 bonus points to each salesperson for every new operator they enroll in Foodservice Rewards and you'll have a tangible rewards platform with which to motivate them for other activities.

Here's documentation showing why the opportunity to earn an iPod changes behavior more effectively than the equivalent $199 in cash.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Logo'd packing tape hugely popular

Unfortunately for Sponsors who have requested shipments of the new Foodservice Rewards® logo'd packing tape before Xmas, it has been so popular that we are temporarily out of stock.

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Six tips for maximum e-impact

Here's an example of a brilliantly designed communication.


1. A winning headline: Clean Up with Dawn and Earn up to 2,450 points!
2. "Reward your employees" positioning - a known need in this segment
3. A deadline - Hurry, this offer ends 1/31/07
4. Here's How: A simple explanation of how to calculate point earnings. (Lack of this component handicaps many offers)
5. Click here to learn more - a downloadable full line segment-specific brochure
6. Cross promote other relevant brands from the portfolio in the "P.S." position

Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best Practices, Continued

Unilever Foodsolutions launched their participation with this impactful self-mailer collection box. It mails flat in a 9" x 12" and is assembled by operators who simply fold over the pre-adressed flap to return it full for processing.

Member Doug Corteal, President of Divito Park, recently enthused "Just a special thanks for the bonus 250 codes and the collection box. My employees know if I find a reward coupon still attached to a carton in the trash, I get frustrated with them. So today, I posted the box in the stock room near the loading dock. They promised to fill it up for me! Thanks again!"

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wake Up To Rewards

Consistently successful promotions integrate multiple media channels:

1) Banners on the website. Here are all the placement options available to you, contact your Coalition Manager to reserve one (hosting is free when you are running a concurrent points promotion).

2) Links to an explanatory landing page. Landing pages are not expensive to create when you supply the graphic elements and copy. Contact your Coalition Manager for a quote so you can feature multiple products, drive website registrations, invite operators to join a panel, view and submit recipes & more.

3) Send e-mail reminders to your key audience segments. Here are excellent examples from Bunge and Schwan's.

4) Complement your efforts with print-on-demand mail. Not everyone can afford to send a 20 page magazine to their customer base, but everyone can afford to send a print-on-demand postcard, bi-fold or flyer to their best customer segments.

Remember, with Foodservice Rewards you can target by buyer/non-buyer, ownership type and sub-segment, making it worth investing, for example, $1-2 each to reach 500 non-buying self-op hospitals.

You know the drill: Contact your Coalition Manager (a.k.a. the "easy button" for a quote and turnkey promotion set up).

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Incorporating Foodservice Rewards in your Ads

This Barber Foods advertisement is possibly the best example we've seen yet of how to effectively incorporate Foodservice Rewards into your print media (Scroll waaaay down).

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bilingual Case Inserts Promoting Program

We now have 1,000 operators, 15 distributorships and 155 DSR's enrolled in Canada and the number grows every day thanks to intiatives like this creative Nestle case insert.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome Hellmann's, Knorr & Wish-Bone

Here's an excellent example of a welcome e-mail announcing three new brands' participation in Foodservice Rewards. To date, over 8,000 operators have claimed their reward codes.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Placing equipment? Try this

Whether placing ice cream dispensers, coffee machines, soup kettles or pizza ovens, you'll enjoy more success generating leads by offering points (see Schwan's example.) Not only can sales people deliver a bonus point hand-out upon installation, but you can also track compliance (and automate rebates) using your data extracts. Ask John.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

P&G School Cleaning Program Brochure

Brochures containing reward codes (see P&G example) increase email open rates and direct mail readership. Ask John for a multi-use reward code (special fixed code that is easy to print - but magically, can only be entered once by each recipient).

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Reaching Restaurant Owners, Managers

"Trade shows will always be a focal point, but the strongest marketers in the industry - such as Tyson, McIlhenny, Kikkoman and FoodService Rewards - are in front of restaurant operators daily with a variety of messages aimed at different segments of the market. The opportunity to quickly change their promotions to deal with trends or new competitor products is vital" according to Jack Fordi of the National Restaurant Association SmartBrief (circulation: 51,000 vs. our 62,000). Read the whole article in B2B magazine.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

16 Ways to improve eMail Open Rates

Here are 16 ways to improve eMail open rates. We're also inserting reward codes into direct mail to boost open rates.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Take a lesson from the airlines

During a recent flight to St. Louis for Bunge's account review, Northwest turned the plane around en route owing to a mechanical problem. A week after the delayed flight I received a letter from their Director of Customer Care apologizing and depositing 2,500 bonus miles into my Silver WorldPerks account. Here's the clever thing: John Neupauer, who was flying with me but has no elite status received the same letter - and only 1,000 points.

Two important lessons here:

1) Communicate with your best customers when behavior changes - they stop entering codes, for instance
2) Communicate differently based on customer value - number of codes entered or number of different products purchased

Soon we'll begin focusing on customer behavioral triggers and how to use them to grow your business more profitably. Stay tuned.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

E-mail open rates according to SYSCO

A recent SYSCO holiday e-mail message had a 36% open rate according to this article illustrating how more marketers are moving to the web to communicate with their B2B customers.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Step up to the plate?

Pity poor ConAgra whose earnings fell 32% and has now made a bad investement in a proprietary loyalty program for K-12 Schools.

While I'm not pleased by the direct shot they take at Foodservice Rewards (see image) I am pleased with the program's flaws:
  1. Their data collection method is distributor velocity reports - but as Evan Carlson of Schwan's Foodservice points out "how many distributors are happy to supply velocity reports by individual customer every month just for this program and just for those participating?"
  2. And as they themselves point out,"it’s understandable that some distributors just don’t have the capability to duplicate velocity/purchasing reports. So, in that case, all you need to do is copy your monthly records verifying your purchases and forward them to Step Up to the Plate".
  3. Furthermore, how many schools are purchasing from just one distributor? So how many reports does one need to gather? As Theresa Harrell of the Conroe ISD points out "I like the peel-off reward codes and being able to enter them at my leisure. Unlike invoice copies, they don't get lost while we wait to send them in."
  4. Unlike Foodservice Rewards, whose points never expire, their points expire each school year. Nice for ConAgra, bad for the participant.
  5. Only 14 merchandise awards? vs. over 2,000 awards + an awards auction?
  6. "You will receive awards between 6-8 weeks from the date you’ve redeemed points" vs. 96% which ship within 48 hours from FSR.
  7. By pulling out of Cool School Cafe as that program's largest sponsor, they weaken a good program and create a third competitor in the K-12 school segment.
  8. Misleadingly, they try to make SUTTP look like a multi-manufacturer program, when the 6 brands participating are ConAgra's (vs. 65+ and thousands of products for FSR.) But "there are more sponsors and brands coming every day." We'll see.

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Direct mail to support your sweepstakes

P&G's Stop the Grease, Start your Engines Sweepstakes is an excellent example. Letters are being mailed to 20,000 high value exisitng customers and prospects who profile similarly. (Of course, if you don't know who your best customers are, how they perform by segment, what their quarterly case purchases are, and don't have access to similar non-buying customers... Well you're just buying a list and hoping for results, aren't you?)

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Want to drive more operators to your website?

Create a link to your website like this example from Hormel. Foodservice Rewards' 58,000 members visit an average of 1.5 times per week delivering an unprecedented opportunity to register them directly at your site.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

What's wrong with this strategy?

McCain Foods UK has announced a scheme discounting their products with money-off vouchers. However, to call it a "loyalty" program is a misnomer - all it will teach their customers is to price-shop the category. Foodservice Rewards, by contrast, is a "gift with purchse" or brand-equity building strategy through ongoing dialogue with an recognition of your best customers.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Promote with an integrated landing page

Here's how to integrate more information into your promotions: Campbell's is promoting Spoon Tycoon on Foodservice Rewards with the following landing page that includes "What's New," wellness, products + Brands, Recipes & more (see tabs).

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Merchandise your other properties

Here's another best practice: Leverage your investment in other brand equities by making them a sweepstakes prizes. See details here.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Best Practice: Win-Backs

With the average company losing 20-40 percent of its customers every year, it is imperative that we create hard working strategies, not only for acquisition and retention, but also for win-back.

"we sent this message to approximately 800 operators in the Foodservice Rewards program" reports Evan Carlson, eBusiness Marketing Manager at Schwan's Foodservice. " These were operators who previously purchased Minh Appetizers but had not redeemed a reward code within five months. In other words, they appeared to be lost business. Through Foodservice Rewards, we are able to identify them, offer an incentive of value, easily manage participation and directly measure results. We have plans to execute additional campaigns in the upcoming months."

Similar efforts such as this one have produced win-back rates of over 14% (33,538 cases for the campaign) for a small investment in email design, delivery and points to respondents. If you have questions about how to use your lapsed buyer reports or need help designing and executing win-back strategy, please contact John Neupauer at 952-844-4566.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pour on the Points

Here's a best practice beautifully communicated via the Foodservice Rewards newsletter: Copy links directly to Nestle's Pour on the Points sauces, bases & gravies promotion. Remember, you can communicate your promotions and assign points by operator segment and ownership type - and only invest in select audiences with the highest ROI. Give it a try today.

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