Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DSR Support growing, GROWING...

"Foodservice Rewards is a great tool for me to use to help my customers - plus I get something as well.

I feel it can be a competitive advantage over a major national distributor that does not push branded items. I've told most of my customers about Foodservice Rewards."

Bob Storebeck, Martin Brothers

The number of operators attached to DSR's is growing by week:

Week ending 1/5: 31
Week ending 1/12: 35
Week ending 1/19: 35
Week ending 1/26: 59
January total: 160

Similar signs of enthusiastic distributor support include this Foodservice Rewards article in Ginsberg's January customer flyer (designed & implemented on their own initiative!)

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Value-added services help independents

Subject: - Customer Feedback
Comments: My statement to my sales people is simply that you have another opportunity to give all your customers another (CRS OneSource) value added service by informing them about Foodservice Rewards and getting them signed up for FREE gifts and prizes. All the customer does after enrolling is purchase the participating products that most are already using. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!! Just do it!!! Thanks Foodservice Rewards for making it so easy!!

Jeff Riney, Distributor Program Manager, CRS OneSource

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Ask Amy: How are DSR enrollments doing?

63 houses have enrolled 345 385 DSRs. The number of linked customers is 245 293 (Updated: 5/18/06).

I'm often asked how we are promoting the DSR incentive program. In addition to running ads in ID Report, I am gathering rep lists from Distributor Program Managers and attending distributor sales meetings (Feeser's last week, Cash-Wa in May) and based on the success of exhibiting at Ginsberg's food show, we will now actively staff booths at other distributor food shows.

I am also building processes to improve DPM and DSR engagement. Soon distributorships will receive:

1) A post-registration How to Get Started Kit including a welcome letter, DSR enrollment fliers, How to Promote FSR at your Food Show flier (in development), and an Operator Enrollment Form.

2) Report samples that illustrate how DPMs can view real-time DSR enrollment progress online.

3) DSR enrollment notification via eMail (which cleverly acts as a reminder to follow up with the DSRs who are not yet enrolled.)

4) Monthly DPM and prospective DPM postcard mailings - this month's announces the addition of Unilever Foodsolutions, Barber Foods, Basic American Foods and Sara Lee Bakery.

Please contact me with recommendations to improve our marketing efforts so that we can continue to create raving fans like Dan Reilly (32 customers linked) who enthuses:

"As a sales rep for Ginsberg's Foodservice, our main marketing focus is to promote quality name-brand label manufacturer products at competitive prices. The big box chain foodservice distributors promote their own labels and incent their sales force on that fact. Ginsberg's and I use Foodservice Rewards to give incentives to our customers through name-brand purchases. It works!!! My customers now ask for products with the Foodservice Rewards yellow Reward Code labels attached. Any manufacturer that is not part of Foodservice Rewards is missing out on case sales and should consider signing up!"

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

DSR contest leader: Ginsberg's

Dan Reilly of New York State distributor Ginsberg's is currently the leading contendor to win an iPod, having signed up 20 customers.

According to Dan, “after signing up one customer, he was so excited that he switched brands to those that were eligible for points from Foodservice Rewards so he could earn faster.”

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